SakeBar (xSAKE, Staking)

0.005% of the fee charged by SakeSwap per trade will be added into the SakeBar. It started as 1 SAKE = 1 xSAKE when SAKE holders deposit SAKE into the SakeBar. The price of xSAKE grows over time which depends on how many SAKE tokens are in the SakeBar.

Q: Why my xSAKE keeps the same amount after I convert SAKE to xSAKE?

A: Your SAKE amount will grow when you convert xSAKE to SAKE. For example, when you convert 100 SAKE to 90 xSAKE which means 1 SAKE = 0.9 xSAKE. After SakeBar distribution, the price of xSAKE will increase. If the price of xSAKE increases to 1.2 SAKE, you will get 90*1.2=108 SAKE when you convert 90 xSAKE to SAKE.

Q: Why no APY for the SakeBar/Staking?

A: Because SAKE is participation in the performance and volume of SakeSwap AMM DEX. More trading volume brings more transaction fees, and more transaction fees bring more SAKE distribution to SakeBar.