What will happen after ILO?
A seamless fusion of token issuance and trading.
After successful ILO, a Project Token/ Fund-Raised Token AMM pool will be created on SakeSwap which means the Project Token will be tradable immediately.
All ILO participants including the project will become Liquidity Providers on SakeSwap and get the pool LP token. The project will get 50% of the pool LP Token. All ILO participants will get other 50% of the pool LP Token in proportion.
What is LP Token?
LP Token represents a crypto liquidity provider's share of a AMM liquidity pool, and the liquidity provider remains entirely in control of the token. LP Token value contains two crytocurrencies. For example, LP Token of SAKE/ETH pool contains SAKE and ETH. Each AMM liquidity pool has its own LP Token.
Q: If I want to invest 1 ETH to buy the Project Token, how many ETH should I put into ILO?
A: 2 ETH. After successful ILO, participants will get LP Token, which represents 50% ETH and 50% project tokens, corresponding to a value of 1:1.
LP Token Lockup
There will be a LP Token lockup period for ILO participants which is set up by the project. The design of Token Lock Period can provide the ILO project stability and give the community more credibility and confidence. All details will be listed on the ILO page.
ILO Participants -> Liquidity Providers
Benefits of being Liquidity Provider on SakeSwap
  1. 1.
    SakeSwap charges a 0.3% fee on each transaction. 0.25% goes directly to the liquidity providers. All ILO participants become the pool liquidity providers after ILO and earn the transaction fees as incomes.
  2. 2.
    SakeSwap improves the design of AMM in terms of slippage capture which can increase 50% of incomes for Liquidity Providers. In the case of spatial arbitrage, the AMM collects 50 % slippage capacity from arbitrage traders. As a result, the other 50% will be shared among liquidity providers.
  3. 3.
    SakeSwap supports Yield Farming/ Liquidity Mining for Liquidity Providers. LPs can stake the LP token to earn extra $SAKE rewards. The farming pool daily APY up to 600%+.
SakeSwap Farming Pool: https://app.sakeswap.finance/#/farmv2
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